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No, funny dubbings started right at the beginning...
Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:01am

but maybe people just needed something to laugh about in their daily lives. And I don't think that dubbing always had artistic approach as a relevant theme, but rather inland sales. So if they thought that comedy sells they would stress that point. And if they thought that conroversial issues didn't they'd just skip them or work their way around them, even if they are important for the original plot. So - apart from any misunderstandings or not fully understood bits and parts of movies before translation - there were instances with some intentional license.

So yes, you are right, they probably did try to capitalize on the demand for fun. It is one of those chicken-or-egg-moments, funny dubbings might have shaped expectations and caused the descent into comedy or it might have happened the other way round.

  • Danke schön, Maggs... ;)DCG, Thu Dec 14 5:14pm your points make sense. ;) And thanks for the clarification and Background Info on German Dubbing of SW's! As for a modern-day (then or now) perception that SW's were *meant* to be Funny, that ... more
    • No, funny dubbings started right at the beginning... — Maggie, Mon Dec 18 5:01am
      • Ah, okay, Maggs...DCG, Thu Dec 21 4:36am
        ...that definitely does create a Chicken-n-Egg scenario, as you suggest. Hmmm. For a culture that takes a ton of hits for its LACK of a Funny Bone, Germany certainly can surprise. (They were, as you... more
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