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Bob 0
Dick is still alive
Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:46am

DVD is still alive according to a friend I have at CBS News. Just Emailed and got a quick reply. He said actress Rose Marie died yesterday in California age 94. She played Sally Rogers one of the comedy writers on the Dick Van Dyke Show. He said somebody must have mixed that up with Dick.

  • OT: Dick Van Dyke, RIP (an' Prescience)DCG, Fri Dec 29 4:11am
    Just heard about of my all-time faves (and Underrated and Underused, imho --- his talents were many, like quite a few of his generation, raised by a Studio System that both Trained and... more
    • Dick is still alive — Bob 0, Fri Dec 29 6:46am
      • Yep, bobO...DCG, Fri Dec 29 10:36am
        ...mea culpa! ;P That's what I get for my muzzy-brained noggin hearin' the tail end of a report on the radio in the wee-hours, then sleepily doin' an online search an' DVD poppin' up as the center of ... more
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