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Bob 0
Wasp woman!!
Wed Jan 3, 2018 6:29am

I got stung by a wasp woman once. One of my favorite character actors Leo Gordon wrote that one. Leo said he was doing a scene with John Wayne in Hondo and Wayne shoots him in the stomach and Gordon fell forward. Wayne yelled cut and said you don't fall forward. Leo showed him his scar from being shot in belly and Leo fell forward.

  • Interesting choice!Maggie, Wed Jan 3 3:17am
    The Guardian offers a choice of movie posters featuring one starring LVC - and an amazing choice, scroll and see for yourselves:... more
    • Wasp woman!! — Bob 0, Wed Jan 3 6:29am
      • Leo Gordon. LVC & posters DCG, Fri Jan 5 5:09am
        An' here I figured you'd go on to wax nostalgic on Leo Gordon & Van Cleef's friendship --- unless I'm mistaken, bobO? I can't find it in my notes (probably on one of my flash drives), but I'm pretty... more
        • Just after Leo's deathBob 0, Sat Jan 6 7:53am
          His daughter wrote about her father and she mentioned Leo was mad when he realized Lee Van Cleef's move to Europe had turned into a string of starring roles and good money. Leo had been offered some... more
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