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Bob 0
My Mother The Car
Sun Jan 7, 2018 4:11am

Jerry Van Dyke also started in the series My Mother The Car. LVC was in an October 1965 episode as an attorney. This was one of a few TV jobs Lee did BETWEEN For A Few Dollars More and Good, Bad and Ugly.

Also I read Jerry turned down replacing Don Knots on Andy Griffith.

  • Jerry Van Dyke (nm)arch stanton, Sat Jan 6 11:40am
    • My Mother The Car — Bob 0, Sun Jan 7 4:11am
    • RipBob 0, Sat Jan 6 8:29pm
      Lee's episode is the last episode to have Don Knots billed in the opening credits and I think the last in black and white. Barney (Don Knots ) had just left the series before this episode was filmed... more
    • jarch stanton, Sat Jan 6 11:43am
      Jerry Van Dyke has passed away.He was in the Andy Griffith episode Banjo Playing Deputy with Lee Van Cleef.
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