Anyone still need BAD AT THE BIJOU...?
Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:22pm

BAD AND THE BIJOU by William Horner NEW McFarland Books
Trade Paperback edition

Minimum Bid: US $9.95
Shipping: US $4.00 (this country only, probably --- Int'l Ship will no doubt be more)

The best price I've found this puppy in a long time!

Tempted to buy it myself, as a 2nd (Loaner) Copy, but figured I'd give anyone still needing it, here on the board, first dibs...


    • Bijou BuddyCuffs, Thu Jan 25 3:59pm
      How kind you are to offer this book. I have been busy collecting books on LVC and I highly recommend this one. How are your efforts going? Can't wait for that. Hope all is well with you.
      • Hey, Cuffs!! ;)DCG, Mon Jan 29 11:59pm
        The Book project, unfortunately, is still slow-going. (I know it's frustrating for those who want to Read it, but try multiplyin' that by several thousand, and you'll get an idea how "frustrating"... more
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