LVC co-star Katy Jurado gets Doogle!
Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:14pm

(Well, that's what I'm callin' the "Google Doodle", the li'l graphic they sometimes plant above the Search box, on the main page...)

Tho't it was neat for them to do this, and it's the first LVC-related Doogle that I've ever noticed.

And Katy's one of those under-appreciated actors -- ck out her Bio, via the link below...

Katy was also Ernest Borgnine's 2nd wife -- which I mention, not just because EB shared the screen with LVC twice, but also because they share the Must-Be-Married gene, as I call it: while EB had 5 wives, once he started, he stayed married to *some* gal with only brief, less-than-one-year gaps of unweddedness.




...and here's a much longer-than-usual IMDB career-bio:

    • Katy JuradoATL Kathy, Thu Jan 18 10:07am
      Always liked Katy Jurado. She was extraordinary, a woman with talents that went unappreciated for such a long time. Happy Birthday Katy! DCG....you crack me up! The "must-be-married gene" is so... more
      • Kathy, glad you like...DCG, Sun Jan 21 12:13am
        ...my Sense of Hummus. ;) Just hope I manage to carry that thru in The Book. (I *can* be terribly Serious, too...sometimes to the point of pedantry, alas.) ;) Warm Hugs across the Country to Frozen... more
      • May I throw in...Maggie, Thu Jan 18 10:47am
        Elizabeth Taylor? Though her pace seems to have slacked in the 1990s. Obviously not one of those genes on the y chromosome. Anybody around to beat her?
        • What was it? Eight times? Six or so divorces? I recall him saying in a candid interview something like, "None of those divorces was my idea." It was very sad to hear him say that, especially the way... more
          • 8...Maggie, Fri Jan 19 2:01am
            would be on par with Liz. But he outdid her in children, don't know if that counts, he had the easier part. By the way, infamous Henry VIII was married only 6 times, though he had more ingenious ways ... more
            • Exactly!Doc, Fri Jan 19 9:27pm
              In fact it was the failure of the Roman Catholic Church to recognize annulments that led Henry VIII to found the Church of England, although that didn't put a stop to his practice of beheading his... more
    • A lady with dignity and fireMaggie, Wed Jan 17 2:29am
      who really deserves to be googledoodled. Well done!
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