New TC Credit: Gunsmoke (Episode: Mayblossom)
Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:16am

Hi all,

A new LVC TV Credit (??)

Gunsmoke (Episode 325: Mayblossom) 14.02.1964

directed by Andrew V. McLaglen

Lauri Peters as Mayblossom
Charles H. Gray as Lon
Richard X. Slattery as Greer
Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley
Roger Torrey as Feeder
Rex Andrews as Barfly (uncredited)
Tom Collins as Barfly (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers as Barfly (uncredited)
Mathew McCue as Townsman (uncredited)
Arnold Roberts as Barfly (uncredited)
Chick Sheridan as Barfly (uncredited)
Lee Van Cleef as Man in Saloon (uncredited)

Check it on YouTube:



    • Sorry, Heiko -- no...DCG, Sun Jan 21 12:08am
      ....this isn't LVC. If I were a gamblin' man, I'd easily put a grand or more on that. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem a way to Post Photo's from one's harddrive, and I don't have a private... more
      • Re: Sorry, Heiko -- no...Heiko, Mon Jan 22 9:08am
        I found the credit on imbd. After then i searched of this episode on YouTube. I think too, it is not Lee, because his nose was different, but the quality was not good. I have the McFarland book of... more
        • Yes, Heiko ------- unfortunately, IMDB isn't perfect. ;) They're better than Wikipedia, of course (which is riddled with errors, some of which never get properly corrected), but one still has to hunt ... more
          • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:10am
            Also it's so unlikely actors on Lee's level or a Myron Healey or R. G. Armstrong or Leo Gordon or even an I. Stanford Jolly be offered such a "bystander" part. Even an X. Brand actor may be insulted... more
            • Pretty much true, bobO...DCG, Wed Jan 31 2:48pm
              ...but I'd have to say it *can* happen -- that an otherwise Working Actor who's Graduated to larger parts can still end up being offered (and taking) Bit Parts...even w/o any lines. Certainly, in... more
            • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:16am
              When I noticed the 4th Gunsmoke credit on IMDb I too thought it must be legit. When I finally found the episode, I wondered if Lee ended up on the cutting room floor. But that is so unlikely for a TV ... more
      • I was fooled.Doc, Sun Jan 21 9:25pm
        The profile to me had a remarkable resemblance. As he later turned to 3/4 view I could see a bit of a difference. But only when I watched it a second time, after reading your response to Heiko. Good... more
      • Millionaire/gunsmokeBob 0, Sun Jan 21 7:54am
        Heiko probably didnt discover that Gunsmoke episode by watching it. I too noticed Lee suddenly had 4 Gunsmoke credits. And sure enough he is credited here on IMDb. Someone was mistaken. I highly... more
        • Millionaire/gunsmokeBob 0, Sun Jan 21 8:00am
          Decades channel is having a The Millionaire marathon. One episode after another. The Chris Hall Story ran early this morning on the east coast. Maybe DCG and others on the west coast can catch it.... more
    • Thanks Heiko!Doc, Fri Jan 19 9:17pm
      I had never come across this. Well, maybe as a kid before I realized who Lee even was. Although we have no problem watching Lee over and over again in scenes we're familiar with, it's great to find a ... more
    • gunsmokearch stanton, Fri Jan 19 8:53am
      It looks like him but the eyebrows are all wrong.II' going to say no.
      • Re: gunsmokeAnonymous, Fri Jan 19 10:25am
        I think it too....
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