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Bob 0
Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:00am

Decades channel is having a The Millionaire marathon. One episode after another. The Chris Hall Story ran early this morning on the east coast. Maybe DCG and others on the west coast can catch it. It's a January 1956 episode and all have been 1956 episodes so far. Lee played is usual meanie here and wasn't Chris Hall. Had 3rd billing. Karen Steele is on it right now.

  • Millionaire/gunsmokeBob 0, Sun Jan 21 7:54am
    Heiko probably didnt discover that Gunsmoke episode by watching it. I too noticed Lee suddenly had 4 Gunsmoke credits. And sure enough he is credited here on IMDb. Someone was mistaken. I highly... more
    • Millionaire/gunsmoke — Bob 0, Sun Jan 21 8:00am
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