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Hey, Cuffs!! ;)
Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:59pm

The Book project, unfortunately, is still slow-going. (I know it's frustrating for those who want to Read it, but try multiplyin' that by several thousand, and you'll get an idea how "frustrating" the Writing process becomes, sometimes...)

But, I'm still pluggin' away when I can. There's a new avenue I'm starting to pursue, tho. (More on that, when there's concrete info to share.)

Thanks for chimin' in, Cuffs -- and keep Posting and Reading Aaron's great board, here! ;)

Best an' all,

  • Bijou BuddyCuffs, Thu Jan 25 3:59pm
    How kind you are to offer this book. I have been busy collecting books on LVC and I highly recommend this one. How are your efforts going? Can't wait for that. Hope all is well with you.
    • Hey, Cuffs!! ;) — DCG, Mon Jan 29 11:59pm
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