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"And from sunny Indonesia, it's Miss Identity...!!"
Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:00am

Yes, Heiko ------- unfortunately, IMDB isn't perfect. ;)

They're better than Wikipedia, of course (which is riddled with errors, some of which never get properly corrected), but one still has to hunt up Other Sources to Confirm Information that's entered in IMDB's primary credits -- never mind misinformation found among the ancillary sections, like Bio's and Trivia.

However, when it comes to a Film Credit DataBase, they're still the Best We've Got Online, for now! ;)

And, unfortunately, Book References -- even before the dawn of the Internet -- become obsolete shortly after their date of publication (sometimes, *before* they're printed!)...

So, that's what makes having a Forum like (thanks again, Aaron!) so valuable -- one gets to share New Information discovered, and get Input from other folks who might be able to elaborate upon and/or refine that Information.

We ALL contribute, here, and that's great! ;)

As for the GUNSMOKE book published by McFarland, I presume you mean GUNSMOKE: a Complete History and Analysis of the Legendary Broadcast Series with a Comprehensive Episode-by-Episode Guide to Both the Radio and Television Programs....? The Barabas's made a great effort to update their original 1997 work in 2012 (expanding it into 2 volumes -- but that may be as much the Publisher's desire to charge more for it, as any decision on the part of the authors), but even so, I'm sure New Information about the series has come to light in the last 6 years, eh? Of course, this particular project is more than just a Listing of Credits, if memory serves -- I don't own it, and have only seen the original edition, back in the late 90's.

I've got a short-but-interesting collection of fans' Misidentifications of Lee Van Cleef -- the most common actors to get confused with LVC are Myron Healey and R.G. Armstrong.

The mix-ups with RGA seem to be made by -- probably younger -- fans who mainly know Lee from his more "mature" era, once his neck started showing the signs of aging and a lifetime of smoking (which prematurely wrinkles the skin, most notably around the neck).

This same "older LVC" conflation with an *actually* older actor appears to be what happened with the GUNSMOKE "May Blossoms" episode, Heiko. And Doc's note about height, and arch's eyebrow comment just add to the conclusion that this just isn't Lee Van Cleef. More I examine the brief shot of the actor onscreen, even his NOSE is wrong! ;)

My own guess is that it might be Rex Andrews, who's one of several actors with the generic role of "Barfly (uncredited)".

Michael Jeffers might be in the running, except for the nose not matching "May Blossoms":,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

And I discount the other "Barfly" actors for not matching, either:

Tom Collins

Arnold Roberts (OK, maaay-bee...but not a good Comparison Pic, and only one I could find)

...although I couldn't find a definitive pic of Chick Sheridan, sorry.

But keep on spottin' those Potential New Credits for LVC, an' tossin' 'em onto the board, here!

We all appreciate your dilligence, Heiko -- I'm pretty sure it's safe to say more than any other member, you've pointed out and/or discovered more New LVC Credits than the rest of us (combined, probably!)...

Thanks, again, amigo!

  • Re: Sorry, Heiko -- no...Heiko, Mon Jan 22 9:08am
    I found the credit on imbd. After then i searched of this episode on YouTube. I think too, it is not Lee, because his nose was different, but the quality was not good. I have the McFarland book of... more
    • "And from sunny Indonesia, it's Miss Identity...!!" — DCG, Tue Jan 30 12:00am
      • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:10am
        Also it's so unlikely actors on Lee's level or a Myron Healey or R. G. Armstrong or Leo Gordon or even an I. Stanford Jolly be offered such a "bystander" part. Even an X. Brand actor may be insulted... more
        • Pretty much true, bobO...DCG, Wed Jan 31 2:48pm
          ...but I'd have to say it *can* happen -- that an otherwise Working Actor who's Graduated to larger parts can still end up being offered (and taking) Bit Parts...even w/o any lines. Certainly, in... more
        • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:16am
          When I noticed the 4th Gunsmoke credit on IMDb I too thought it must be legit. When I finally found the episode, I wondered if Lee ended up on the cutting room floor. But that is so unlikely for a TV ... more
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