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Bob 0
Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:10am

Also it's so unlikely actors on Lee's level or a Myron Healey or R. G. Armstrong or Leo Gordon or even an I. Stanford Jolly be offered such a "bystander" part. Even an X. Brand actor may be insulted with a part where you just stand in the background. I found back in the late 60s people thought Lee starred on The Lawman which was John Russel

  • Yes, Heiko ------- unfortunately, IMDB isn't perfect. ;) They're better than Wikipedia, of course (which is riddled with errors, some of which never get properly corrected), but one still has to hunt ... more
    • Gunsmoke — Bob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:10am
      • Pretty much true, bobO...DCG, Wed Jan 31 2:48pm
        ...but I'd have to say it *can* happen -- that an otherwise Working Actor who's Graduated to larger parts can still end up being offered (and taking) Bit Parts...even w/o any lines. Certainly, in... more
      • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:16am
        When I noticed the 4th Gunsmoke credit on IMDb I too thought it must be legit. When I finally found the episode, I wondered if Lee ended up on the cutting room floor. But that is so unlikely for a TV ... more
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