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Pretty much true, bobO...
Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:48pm

...but I'd have to say it *can* happen -- that an otherwise Working Actor who's Graduated to larger parts can still end up being offered (and taking) Bit Parts...even w/o any lines.

Certainly, in Lee's case, his career suffered numerous Ups and Downs -- so I can't unilaterally Rule This Out. (Taking Bit Parts, after initial Success.)

Most of the actors who are listed as "Barfly (uncredited)" on GUNSMOKE: "May Blossoms" seem to be among the GUNSMOKE Stable -- townsfolk with recurring background bits. Check the IMDB listings, and you'll see what I mean...

And YES, on John LAWMAN Russell being mistaken for LVC by many --- I still haven't gone and tried to track down the rumor that Clint either wanted or even offered Russell's part in PALE RIDE to LVC. It may just be Fan Legend, due to their fairly similar appearance.

Fun discussion tho, eh? ;)

  • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:10am
    Also it's so unlikely actors on Lee's level or a Myron Healey or R. G. Armstrong or Leo Gordon or even an I. Stanford Jolly be offered such a "bystander" part. Even an X. Brand actor may be insulted... more
    • Pretty much true, bobO... — DCG, Wed Jan 31 2:48pm
    • GunsmokeBob 0, Tue Jan 30 9:16am
      When I noticed the 4th Gunsmoke credit on IMDb I too thought it must be legit. When I finally found the episode, I wondered if Lee ended up on the cutting room floor. But that is so unlikely for a TV ... more
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