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Thank you for the reply
Thu Feb 1, 2018 3:32am

Absolutely! I would love to be a part of the community here...
Thank you for the quick reply. it would be great if I could still nab a couple of this shirts.
Please keep in touch.. Best, String.

  • "Welcome!" String...DCG, Wed Jan 31 3:36pm
    ...hope you'll stick around the corral, amigo/a --- we're a very friendly bunch, and always enjoy an infusion of Fresh Blood to our li'l fan group, here. ;) As you can see by the dates, this is a... more
    • Thank you for the reply — stringbender5, Thu Feb 1 3:32am
      • Here's what they looked like, String...DCG, Thu Feb 1 12:16pm
        ...I knew there was a picture out there, SOMEwhere, an' it turned out that I'd linked to the pictures she took in a Post right here on the board! ;) Click on this, and you'll see images of the shirt: ... more
        • Yes !!stringbender5, Thu Feb 1 3:14pm
          That is the shirt all right!! Awesome.. appreciate you sending the link. Please let me know. Thanks again. ~String.
          • Sure thing, String...DCG, Thu Feb 1 5:14pm
            ...I'll let you know what Jil says, ASAP after I hear from her, eh? ;) Best, DCG.
            • Been Quiet...stringbender5, Wed Feb 28 3:58am
              Hello DCG. Any good news? Thanks, ~String.
              • Well, some of us do our best...DCG, Thu Mar 1 7:57pm
       keep things from going "quiet" here on the board, but I guess one can only do one's best, and hope for the the rest take it from there... ;P As for Jil, alas --- no. The email didn't bounce,... more
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