The Grand Duel
Sat Feb 3, 2018 10:32am

Thanks Aaron for posting the posters!

So how do you all like the movie? I actually quite like it for it's funny ideas like the Dutch colony expressing their feelings with their wooden shoes, it is out of the ordinary wild west box. And it has some nice twist and turns in the Sheriff's attitude to things. And besides, Horst Frank does his best to look as cold, reptilic and repelling als you could wish.

Btw, I just read that Giancarlo Santi, the director had worked with Leone before. Is that true?

    • THE GRAND DUELTheBad7, Thu Feb 8 10:38am
      Blue Underground put out an absolutely beautiful print of this film a year or so ago. The quality is of the same caliber as something from Wild East or several other well-known film distribution... more
      • tb7!! Welcome back, amigo...! ;)DCG, Fri Feb 9 12:20am
        (Or, have ya been "lurkin'" all this time, eh?) Yep, I agree --- GRAND DUEL is a Keeper (and Re-Watcher). As I said prior (below), I rank it in my Top Ten, minimum. However, I went thru a period... more
        • Hi DCTheBad7, Fri Feb 9 6:57am
          Hi DC-- No, this is actually my first return visit to tb.n in quite a long time. Just one of those things that sometimes happens. I had scored the Blue Underground print of THE GRAND DUEL a few years ... more
          • The SqueezeBob 0, Sat Feb 10 3:35am
            You are right about the Squeeze. It's one of Lee's best. The story, acting etc are very good. Too bad it got a late and limited release in the US. When it finally was released in America in 1981, it... more
            • @BobOTheBad7, Tue Feb 13 4:41am
              Hi Bob-- THE SQUEEZE is probably my favorite non-Western L.V.C. picture, so I must ask: has anyone ever posted the VARIETY article you cited in your post? I would love to see that. tb7
              • No. I didn't make a copyBob 0, Tue Feb 13 6:27pm
                I read the review in 1981 I think was the year. I should have purchased the copy of Variety and made some copies on a coping machine. I clearly remember the reviewer saying it was a pleasure watching ... more
                • VARIETY and THE SQUEEZE Review (Spoilers)TheBad7, Wed Feb 14 4:42am
                  Hi Bob-- I'm sure you're correct; as you're well aware, Lee enjoyed a late blossoming in his career with his role as U.S. Police Force Commissioner Hauk in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. THE SQUEEZE was one... more
                  • The Squeeze MF&CTBob 0, Wed Feb 14 11:42am
                    I was lucky in that I caught Mean Frank and Crazy Tony when it played in my area at the Drive Inn in 1975 or 6. This film was shot in 1973 in Italy and France and is one of Lee's best films. The long ... more
      • I will keep my eyes peeledMaggie, Thu Feb 8 2:26pm
        for this print. At the moment it does not seem to be available in my part of the world, but I only did a quick research and it might need some more digging. Thanks for letting us know!
        • B.U. THE GRAND DUELTheBad7, Fri Feb 9 7:00am
          Hi Maggie-- I'm not sure where you're situated, but a copy of this particular iteration can be found online at Amazon (U.S.A.) for roughly $10 U.S.D. It's a sawbuck well spent, if only to see The Bad ... more
          • I'm in Germany....Maggie, Sun Feb 11 4:45am
            ... and it does not seem to be sold via the usual channels over here. Which does not mean it never will, and there is no hurry. So don't worry!
            • @MaggieTheBad7, Tue Feb 13 4:39am
              Hi Maggie-- When time and circumstance permit, of course. I rave about this specific iteration because prior to Blue Underground's issue--and Wild East as well--THE GRAND DUEL could only be seen as a ... more
    • Leone & Santi (an' LVC, too!)DCG, Sat Feb 3 1:13pm
      I know you asked Aaron, Maggs, but here's some notes on Giancarlo Santi workin' with Sergio Leone... Santi actually worked with Leone quite a bit -- 3 times, that we know of: First, he was AD... more
      • Update, re: Santi and DUCK, YOU SUCKER!DCG, Sat Feb 3 1:41pm
        While I still can't find any reputable Sources (I know fans often know their stuff, but if they don't actually note where they got their info, then it's just hearsay)... ...I did, however, find a... more
        • I remember readingBob 0, Sat Feb 3 6:50pm
          years ago that Leone offered Fist Full of Dynamite to Eli Wallach. Wallach accepted but the money men on the picture insisted the role go to Rod Steiger. So Leone had to call Eli and inform him and... more
          • I can't recall if that was in...DCG, Sun Feb 4 11:58am
            ...Wallach's autobio or not, but I rather doubt it: Eli tended to live by the "If You Can't Say Something Nice, Don't Say Anything at All" rule, in my experience. (At least, in Public. What he did in ... more
            • Eli and LeoneBob 0, Mon Feb 5 4:35am
              I didn't mention this as it was so negative but I better. When Eli was told by Leone the part had gone to Rod Steiger, Eli said he was furious and told Sergio he had gotten out of another job so he... more
              • Eli and Once Upon a Time WestBob 0, Mon Feb 5 4:42am
                Also remember Eli being asked why he turned down the part of waiting for Charles Bronson at the train station at the beginning of the film. That Sergio wanted him, Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef in ... more
                • Clint and Once Upon a TimeBob 0, Mon Feb 5 4:50am
                  I have read Clint Eastwood was offered Harmonica which means he would be in the Bronson part but Clint turned Leone down saying he was through with that style and moving on. Lee said he turned down a ... more
                  • Possibly, bobO...DCG, Mon Feb 5 7:20pm
           seems reasonable that LVC, now clearly earning the Big Bucks (and Lead roles) at the dawn of the Spaghetti Westerns' Golden Age -- and yes, I am punning off the "Golden" part of that -- that... more
          • Been real busy lately ...Doc, Sat Feb 3 9:23pm
            but I still manage to at least read the posts. Major props to you and DCG for passing on such interesting information. First I've heard of any of this. Very enjoyable reads. Keep up the good work. I... more
            • Good research!Maggie, Sun Feb 4 11:34am
              DCG, no worry, the question was not explicitly addressed to Aaron, but the thanks for the uploads of course was. You did some sophisticated digging here, I did not know all that! Considering that he... more
              • Thanks, Maggs...DCG, Sun Feb 4 12:13pm
                ...I try to provide as accurate information as I can, at any given time. ;) Sometimes, that's not quite feasible, so I offer what's available, as I did, here. I'm fairly certain bobO's embellishments ... more
                • Not too bad...Maggie, Sun Feb 4 3:25pm
                  I never really thought about top ten, but with me the movie should be more or less the same, within the top ten though, I suppose. Hmmmm.... I think I will draw up a list tonight, far better than... more
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