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Good research!
Sun Feb 4, 2018 11:34am

DCG, no worry, the question was not explicitly addressed to Aaron, but the thanks for the uploads of course was.

You did some sophisticated digging here, I did not know all that! Considering that he was so much involved with Leone he might have done better on the Grand Duel, but still, I do like the movie and the quirky ideas.

All of this still leaves the other question unanswered: How do you like the movie? Any thoughts? ;)


  • Been real busy lately ...Doc, Sat Feb 3 9:23pm
    but I still manage to at least read the posts. Major props to you and DCG for passing on such interesting information. First I've heard of any of this. Very enjoyable reads. Keep up the good work. I... more
    • Good research! — Maggie, Sun Feb 4 11:34am
      • Thanks, Maggs...DCG, Sun Feb 4 12:13pm
        ...I try to provide as accurate information as I can, at any given time. ;) Sometimes, that's not quite feasible, so I offer what's available, as I did, here. I'm fairly certain bobO's embellishments ... more
        • Not too bad...Maggie, Sun Feb 4 3:25pm
          I never really thought about top ten, but with me the movie should be more or less the same, within the top ten though, I suppose. Hmmmm.... I think I will draw up a list tonight, far better than... more
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