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Thanks, Maggs...
Sun Feb 4, 2018 12:13pm

...I try to provide as accurate information as I can, at any given time. ;) Sometimes, that's not quite feasible, so I offer what's available, as I did, here.

I'm fairly certain bobO's embellishments above are correct, as it vaguely rings a bell for me, too. He just needed to jog my recalcitrant synapses. ;)

As for GRAND DUEL, the reason I didn't express an opinion is that I haven't watched the film in a few years -- and I prefer to have a fresh perspective when I write up an opinion.

But what I recall, is that my reaction was "better'n most, but flawed". Of course, most films -- as in most things in Life, period -- have *some* flaws, eh? I think GD would end up either near the bottom of, or just below, my Top Ten LVC films.

It's worth seeing, for sure.


  • Good research!Maggie, Sun Feb 4 11:34am
    DCG, no worry, the question was not explicitly addressed to Aaron, but the thanks for the uploads of course was. You did some sophisticated digging here, I did not know all that! Considering that he... more
    • Thanks, Maggs... — DCG, Sun Feb 4 12:13pm
      • Not too bad...Maggie, Sun Feb 4 3:25pm
        I never really thought about top ten, but with me the movie should be more or less the same, within the top ten though, I suppose. Hmmmm.... I think I will draw up a list tonight, far better than... more
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