Bob 0
Maggie...Myron Healey
Mon Feb 5, 2018 5:27am

Maggie actor Myron Healey did many similar roles as Lee in Lee's years working in Hollywood and actually Myron was cast in those roles more often than Lee. From 1942 to 1994 Healey had about 500 credits! Much of it was TV but alot of films too. To further DCG's point Myron has 69 uncredited parts in film. Lee had over 200 roles and just two.

  • Naked Street is still on YouTube!!!Bob 0, Mon Feb 5 5:12am
    It's been there for 4 years so the copyright holder must not know or care. Go into the film to 51:00 and start watching there and Lee will be on in just a few moments. He is in a card game scene with ... more
    • NAKED STREET linkDCG, Mon Feb 5 5:17pm
      Here ya go, folks, for anyone that wishes: FYI, DCG.
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