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LVC's birth: Hospital vs Mid-Wife
Tue Feb 6, 2018 2:25pm

Here's what I found, Maggs:

1921: Thirty percent to 50 percent of women gave birth in hospitals.
By 1925, midwives began making a comeback with the founding of the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky.
Similarly, in New York City, midwives attended 30 percent of all births in 1919 and only 12 percent in 1929.
These trends spread from the northeast across the United States such that midwives no longer attended the majority of births in the country by the 1930s.
>> via the book:
Ettinger, Laura E., Nurse-Midwifery: The Birth of a New American Profession. Columbus, Ohio: The Ohio State University Press, 2006.

Somerset Hospital was founded at a house on Main Street in 1901 as a 12-bed facility with a staff of 10 doctors.
This converted residential home remained the location of the hospital until 1925 when the current building was completed.

While I don't know for sure (maybe I'll ask one of his kids if they know), the fact that in 1925
midwifery was only just beginning a comeback -- the new training facility in Kentucky had only just been founded -- and that the Somerset Hospital was right there in town (the old building was on Main Street, and the new, 1925 location opened at 110 Rehill Ave), my suspicion is that Lee was born at Somerset Hospital.

I have a copy of his death certificate (which I rather doubt indicates home vs hospital birth, and anyway, it's not with me at the moment), but not his birth certificate.

So, unfortunately, for now we'll have to leave it a mystery. ;)

  • LVC was born...Maggie, Tue Feb 6 10:52am
    at home with the help of a midwife or in hospital? Just being curious and also wondering which would have been normal in the Northwest in the 20s somewhere between the Roaring Twenties and the Great... more
    • LVC's birth: Hospital vs Mid-Wife — DCG, Tue Feb 6 2:25pm
    • Northeast, of course.Maggie, Tue Feb 6 10:53am
      Just one of those "no, the other left!" muddles in my head. Sorry for that.
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