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Fri Feb 9, 2018 6:57am

Hi DC--

No, this is actually my first return visit to tb.n in quite a long time. Just one of those things that sometimes happens.

I had scored the Blue Underground print of THE GRAND DUEL a few years back, but I hadn't watched it. Like you, I was so heavily into L.V.C. at the time that I did exactly what you did: I had to bury the L.V.C. Archive just like that Confederate gold in Sad Hill Cemetery. ;) This past week, I was thumbing through the Amazon Prime app on the SmartTV, and just for shits and giggles, I typed The Bad's handle into the search bar. To my pleasant surprise, there was a slew of familiar titles available for instant streaming, so I decided that it was time to end the sabbatical. Ended up watching THE SQUEEZE, and watching it was like coming home. Since it was such a blast, I went ahead and finally unsheathed my copy of THE GRAND DUEL from its cellophane wrapper. I always liked TGD, but watching it with a flawless picture and sound really struck a chord with me--probably because I view Sheriff Clayton as Colonel Douglas Mortimer some time after the events of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, and in Arizona Territory rather than El Paso/West Texas. Director Santi had the film shot beautifully, too--and who can forget that wonderful score (Q.T. "borrowed" it for his KILL BILL films). It's right up there with THE BIG GUNDOWN or DEATH RIDES A HORSE. Suffice to say, it's going to be a very L.V.C.-centric late winter/early spring.

I think I will hang a bit. Good to see you again.


P.S.--I don't care what anyone says: THE SQUEEZE is a fantastic, grimy little late 70s Italocrime picture. For The Bad Babes: Lee 's wardrobe is phenomenal in this film, so if you haven't seen it, you might want to bump it up to the top of your Bad List.

  • tb7!! Welcome back, amigo...! ;)DCG, Fri Feb 9 12:20am
    (Or, have ya been "lurkin'" all this time, eh?) Yep, I agree --- GRAND DUEL is a Keeper (and Re-Watcher). As I said prior (below), I rank it in my Top Ten, minimum. However, I went thru a period... more
    • Hi DC — TheBad7, Fri Feb 9 6:57am
      • The SqueezeBob 0, Sat Feb 10 3:35am
        You are right about the Squeeze. It's one of Lee's best. The story, acting etc are very good. Too bad it got a late and limited release in the US. When it finally was released in America in 1981, it... more
        • @BobOTheBad7, Tue Feb 13 4:41am
          Hi Bob-- THE SQUEEZE is probably my favorite non-Western L.V.C. picture, so I must ask: has anyone ever posted the VARIETY article you cited in your post? I would love to see that. tb7
          • No. I didn't make a copyBob 0, Tue Feb 13 6:27pm
            I read the review in 1981 I think was the year. I should have purchased the copy of Variety and made some copies on a coping machine. I clearly remember the reviewer saying it was a pleasure watching ... more
            • VARIETY and THE SQUEEZE Review (Spoilers)TheBad7, Wed Feb 14 4:42am
              Hi Bob-- I'm sure you're correct; as you're well aware, Lee enjoyed a late blossoming in his career with his role as U.S. Police Force Commissioner Hauk in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. THE SQUEEZE was one... more
              • The Squeeze MF&CTBob 0, Wed Feb 14 11:42am
                I was lucky in that I caught Mean Frank and Crazy Tony when it played in my area at the Drive Inn in 1975 or 6. This film was shot in 1973 in Italy and France and is one of Lee's best films. The long ... more
                • @Bob O:MF & CTTheBad7, Wed Feb 14 12:20pm
                  Hi Bob-- Oh yes--I'm very familIar with MF & CT. Lee was a natural at playing the "Capo di tutti Cappi," and it's a shame he didn't get more parts like "Frankie Dio" in those mid to late 70s Italian... more
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