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Fri Feb 9, 2018 7:21am

It speaks volumes that an actor who's been dead for three decades still retains such power. Although it wasn't mentioned, I offer one addendum: Lee's facial features alone often overshadowed his acting ability. Don't get me wrong, Lee's facial features are one of his trademarks--unique and inimitable--but I get annoyed whenever people pour over this because the man was a genuinely gifted film actor--just his presence alone rivals that of such stalwarts as Eastwood, Bronson, and Big Bill Smith (for you LAREDO fans!). Thank you for posting this, Tom!


  • Allan Van Cleef 2016 articleTom B., Sat Mar 18 2:43pm
    The Florida Times Union By Mark Woods During the week, he’s a sales engineer for Certified Control Systems. But every so often, the 69-year-old Jacksonville resident breaks out “The Bad” T-shirt.... more
    • Marvelous! — TheBad7, Fri Feb 9 7:21am
    • Thanks Tom B. Loved it!!Doc, Sat Mar 18 9:26pm
      So basically the "bandits" at the amusement park saw Lee and ran the other way. PRICELESS!! I'll have to watch El Condor again, given what I now know. Btw, it was the Tarantino dedication to Lee in... more
    • Thanks Tom. Enjoying them. Bob O, Sat Mar 18 3:48pm
      AVC use to post here. That is how we found out El Condor was his favorite role in a film. And he confirmed what I heard when I met Stephen Boyd that his dad was very close friends with Jock Mahoney.... more
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