The Stranger & The Gunfighter (Spoilers)
Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:52am

I had the opportunity to see THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER--a.k.a. BLOOD MONEY--last night. What a surprisingly good little late Spaghetti Western. Lee does something in this film that you don't see much: a 50/50 blend of serious gunfighter and comedic foil. His Dakota character is a rough and tumble sort, but with a heart of gold--he gets to become good friends with the traveling Wang Ho in search of his uncle's fortune. I thought the device of tattoos on the derrieres of the ladies was a nice touch--an original way to propel the plot. More importantly, Lee looked like he was having genuine fun in the role--I think of how Alan Van Cleef describes his father, and I believe that Dakota is really Lee just playing himself, and that's not a bad thing.

One other note: for a man close to fifty at the time, Lee still had that lean, sinewy look to him, and he was still keen as ever with the gunplay. I would rather see The Bad toting a Colt Single Action Army--a la Ryan or The Colonel--but I liked that the writers switched it up a bit and gave The Bad what appeared to be an old Schofield or Enfield break-top revolver. Solid little B Western.


    • Thanks, TB7!DCG, Wed Feb 14 3:13pm
      S&G/BM is one of the Holes in my LVC's Film Guns breakdown... And yeah, it's a nifty li'l movie! Between this, and Maggs' recent queries, cf: my next Post on Top Ten LVC films... Thx again, eh? DCG.
    • Another one in my top ten!Maggie, Tue Feb 13 6:29am
      I am glad you like the movie, this one defnitly is in my top ten, too! I really like the idea of East meets West and I remember having watched this movie on TV before my Spaghetti romance started,... more
      • @Maggie: BLOOD MONEYTheBad7, Thu Feb 15 4:39am
        Hi Maggie-- I hadn't thought about it, but looking back on it--and with a second viewing under my belt last night--THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER might just crack my Top Ten. Thing is: it's very... more
        • tb7, I absolutely agree!Maggie, Thu Feb 15 1:57pm
          Though there are some I like better and a very few I never really came to terms with, see my top ten list. And then there are those in the war-movie genre (not one of my top ten genres) that I do not ... more
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