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@Bob O:MF & CT
Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:20pm

Hi Bob--

Oh yes--I'm very familIar with MF & CT. Lee was a natural at playing the "Capo di tutti Cappi," and it's a shame he didn't get more parts like "Frankie Dio" in those mid to late 70s Italian crime dramas that took over after the Spaghetti Western craze ceased--though one of his contemporaries, the great Jack Palance, did several of these films, and they are as good as MF & CT. I agree about the chase sequence--as long as the chase was, it was never boring, and that's because it was a brilliant, original idea to use a flatbed delivery truck loaded to the gills with 55 gallon fuel drums. Since you mentioned that scene, I should mention another: that fistfight in the shower between Lee and the prison heavy was awesome, too. Lee could still bring those physical elements to the table--that's another reason he's got a by-default one up on most other actors.

I learned my lesson the hard way (Har! Har!) on this film: when I was first delving into the L.V.C. Oeuvre, I made the mistake of purchasing the butchered version titled ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW. It came in a small paper sleeve with Lee on the cover behind a set of cell bars--and using a still shot of him as Hauk from E.S.N.Y. I eventually found what I believe to be the most complete version of the film in a Box Set of Twenty Grindhouse Films a short time afterwards. This iteration does have bits of dialogue in Italian where Lee is speaking Italian (voice dubs from an Italian voice actor), but it doesn't detract from the film. Fortunately, we get to hear Lee's voice in his scenes for the most part. This version is currently available on Amazon Prime's app for SmartTVs--I ended up watching it last night. Another terrific early 70s B movie/grindhouse picture, and per his norm, Lee steals the show.


  • The Squeeze MF&CTBob 0, Wed Feb 14 11:42am
    I was lucky in that I caught Mean Frank and Crazy Tony when it played in my area at the Drive Inn in 1975 or 6. This film was shot in 1973 in Italy and France and is one of Lee's best films. The long ... more
    • @Bob O:MF & CT — TheBad7, Wed Feb 14 12:20pm
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