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tb7, I absolutely agree!
Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:57pm

Though there are some I like better and a very few I never really came to terms with, see my top ten list. And then there are those in the war-movie genre (not one of my top ten genres) that I do not tend to rewatch. On the other hand, there is some brilliant film noir and some brilliant presence like in High Noon. Ans some very convincing TV shows... But all in all I tend to like the Westerns best, Spaghetti or not, and I think he was best in his late fourties. But forgive my rambling on, you are right, we should continue in the other thread.

  • @Maggie: BLOOD MONEYTheBad7, Thu Feb 15 4:39am
    Hi Maggie-- I hadn't thought about it, but looking back on it--and with a second viewing under my belt last night--THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER might just crack my Top Ten. Thing is: it's very... more
    • tb7, I absolutely agree! — Maggie, Thu Feb 15 1:57pm
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