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Karen Steele
Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:38pm

Just found this site and I'm curious what happened to such a beautiful vibrant woman. First thing I always wonder- Did she smoke ?? I guess everone fur. I'd like to hear more. Such a beauty.

  • OTish: Karen Steele (LVC co-star)DCG, Fri May 29 11:33am
    Since bob asked about Karen Steele's (mysterious?) death, here're the basics of what I've found, thus far: 1) KS died in Kingman, AZ on March 12th, 1988 -- the city in which she'd lived for the last... more
    • Karen Steele — Tahoedirt, Fri Feb 16 10:38pm
    • Just a memory Tracy Hughey , Sat Jun 29 3:44am
      Thank you for posting this web board. I have been having so many fond memories lately.
    • Interesting, DCTheBad7, Tue Jun 22 5:06am
      Hi DC-- Interesting you should bring this up as I saw RIDE LONESOME for the first time not long ago. I always did wonder why Karen Steele wasn't a bigger star than what she was. It seems like she... more
      • I remember this G-man!.....Alanna, Tue Jun 22 7:39pm
        A very weird series of events I must say. You will get what I mean TD when you see it.
    • ?Tracy, Mon Jun 21 9:12pm
      ask Marquita who has her scrapbook then? if she knew her so well?
      • and...tracy ruland hughey, Mon Jun 21 9:14pm
        her directors chair?
    • Show me Da money!Alanna, Fri May 29 12:15pm
      when I get there G-man. I'd love to check this out, just for curiosity sake mind you.
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