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hi tb7
Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:52am

Great comments! And food for thought.

Yes, I would agree on 1974 - for the very reason you mentioned. I think we read repeatedly in this forum he really did want to do more comedy, so it must have been down his alley, too. Mean Frank and Crazy Tony also falls into this time-frame, and I could have imagined more roles in that genre, I wonder why they did not come.

God's gun:
No, I do not blame it on the actors, either. The dubbing is annoying, but I didn't even notice, it was dubbed in German anyway when I first watched and taped and rewatched it. They usually chose pretty matching voice actors for him though, many times it was Heinz Petruo. So it isn't really the dubbing that is bothering me, maybe I should rewatch it and let you know...
What really DID bother me is the roadkill they made him wear on his head. And the kind of treacle poured all over the movie. The acting is fine and he is still going strong. And I just saw that Frank Kramer is the director - a name Gianfranco Parolini used to use as far as I know. And he did do some great work.
Jack Palance is great, and he's just got that great face of his!
Well, I will rewatch these days and let you know.

I absolutely agree that it is Lees show and I think the Tony character is really making the tough and experienced guy shine by contrast. So everything is fine as far as I'm concerned.
I can well imagine LVC as a hard boiled cop or gangster, the kind of roles Lino Ventura used to take on in French productions, or as a Marlowe-kind of private detective.
Which takes us back in full circle to film noir and we know that he did some brilliant work there, you will have noticed that I've got the Big Combo on my list. And Kansas City Confidential was one of the runners up for my top 10 (and a half).

Maggie :)

  • @MaggieTheBad7, Mon Feb 19 1:10am
    Hi Maggie-- On this there is no dispute: Lee's prime as an actor was between 1965 and 1974--I chose 1974 as a cutoff as I consider THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER Lee's last great role as a classic,... more
    • hi tb7 — Maggie, Mon Feb 19 2:52am
      • @Maggie Pt. 2 - Lee The ActorTheBad7, Mon Feb 19 5:30am
        Hi Maggie-- I consider myself a huge L.V.C. fan; however, I was always frustrated by his infatuation with wanting to do comedy. This might upset some fans, but I'm going to say it anyway: Lee, like... more
        • tb7, are you sure...Maggie, Mon Feb 19 7:28am
          ... you meant bad man's river and not barquero (1970)? Bad man's river is a comedy and there is much more slapstick than with Sabata... Can't answer in detail at the moment, got to hop along. I'll be ... more
          • BAD MAN'S RIVERTheBad7, Mon Feb 19 8:40am
            Hi Maggie-- Oh no, I did mean BAD MAN'S RIVER--in fact, Lee's Roy King in that film reminds me of Dakota from THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER, and I liked the concept of a bank robber taking on a huge... more
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