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tb7, are you sure...
Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:28am

... you meant bad man's river and not barquero (1970)? Bad man's river is a comedy and there is much more slapstick than with Sabata...

Can't answer in detail at the moment, got to hop along. I'll be back tomorrow or later this week.

  • @Maggie Pt. 2 - Lee The ActorTheBad7, Mon Feb 19 5:30am
    Hi Maggie-- I consider myself a huge L.V.C. fan; however, I was always frustrated by his infatuation with wanting to do comedy. This might upset some fans, but I'm going to say it anyway: Lee, like... more
    • tb7, are you sure... — Maggie, Mon Feb 19 7:28am
      • BAD MAN'S RIVERTheBad7, Mon Feb 19 8:40am
        Hi Maggie-- Oh no, I did mean BAD MAN'S RIVER--in fact, Lee's Roy King in that film reminds me of Dakota from THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER, and I liked the concept of a bank robber taking on a huge... more
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