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Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:40am

Hi Maggie--

Oh no, I did mean BAD MAN'S RIVER--in fact, Lee's Roy King in that film reminds me of Dakota from THE STRANGER & THE GUNFIGHTER, and I liked the concept of a bank robber taking on a huge score and hightailing it into Mexico. Yeah, that one bucked the trend, and it struck a positive chord with me. Also, I loved BARQUERO--the Travis character reminds me of a young Lee growing up in rural New Jersey, working the land. Furthermore--for you Bad Babes--BARQUERO is one of Lee's best physical showcasings. I know that in order to keep lean and mean, Lee was into swimming (thank you for that tidbit, Bob O!) but I'm convinced Lee was doing some ironpumping to augment that training.

SABATA and its sequel could've been outstanding had they kept the character more in line with Colonel Mortimer from PER QUALCHE DOLLARO IN PIU. That's one of the reasons I have such a problem with those films, but fortunately Lee got back on track by 72 with THE GRAND DUEL--which is one of Lee's best performances as an actor.


  • tb7, are you sure...Maggie, Mon Feb 19 7:28am
    ... you meant bad man's river and not barquero (1970)? Bad man's river is a comedy and there is much more slapstick than with Sabata... Can't answer in detail at the moment, got to hop along. I'll be ... more
    • BAD MAN'S RIVER — TheBad7, Mon Feb 19 8:40am
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