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In/Sanity, Acting & the Media (incl. LVC)
Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:29am

My approach to discerning Reality from Fantasy is researching til I discover at minimum 3 Reputable Sources (*not* Some Blogger's Opinion, natch) that provide support for whichever angle on a detail in question --- sometimes, of course, it requires much more Research, as highly controversial and/or long-repeated stories can become very entangled and obtuse.

However, I have been casually researching Kinski for decades now, and this is the first I'd heard of the Sick POW anecdote. That suggests it's not a Tall Tale, Oft Told (and therefore subject to embellishment and exaggeration), but may in fact be based in Truth. I've got plans to obtain the book in question anyway, so may be able to develop this thread RSN.

"Kinkski's" bizarre behavior is well documented in both his private and public life. I was trying to be kind with my earlier comment "I could never be sure", re: his Public Rants --- I am *relatively* sure that, at minimum, such behavior came so "naturally" to Kinski that he lapsed into such "tantrums" at the drop of a hat. (Publicly *and* Privately.)

That is a major symptom of Mental Illness. (Which diagnosis of same, I leave to Professionals --- but he was hospitalized for Schizophrenia, iirc. Reaching into the recesses of my synapses, I believe one or more of his daughters also went public about abuse?)

When combining all of the above -- especially drawing from The Horse's Own Mouth, condemning himself, again and again -- I find it virtually incredulous to suggest it was "merely and Act".

Creative Endeavors, not least of which Acting, are rife with individuals that some American Indian tribes call "touched" (by the Spirits). Indians honor such people, we lock them away.

And yes, no doubt such a Sensitive as Kinski was susceptible to what used be called Shell Shock (now PTSD).

As for LVC's "green/blue" heterochromia rumor [it wasn't blue/brown, Maggs -- you might start a Whole NEW Rumor, if you're not careful! ;) ] ---- that's one that DID get spread thru Media Error: it's directly traceable back to a magazine-later-book-later-online-media-site, Weird New Jersey. Once it got online, the damn thing is nearly impossible to eradicate -- we can only all do our best to Stamp It Out whenever we encounter it.

The Navy listed LVC's eyes as Brown, and that's a good enough End of Argument for me. (And yes, they became Hazel later in life -- but Brown is the base color, since birth.)

Fun discussion, amiga! ;)

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    Kinskiesque (as opposed to Kafkaesque) behaviour. And like a tall story, that learned to walk on it's own, too... No way to tell! We all know what kind of crap can end up in print (remember the blue... more
    • In/Sanity, Acting & the Media (incl. LVC) — DCG, Tue Feb 20 11:29am
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