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@DC: The Eastwood Approach **Spoilers**
Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:48pm

Hi DC--
That's the definitive element to Clint as an actor--I'll be the first to admit, and I am a massive fan of his (have been since childhood), that he has a limited range as an actor. That being said, he's like the Bill Walsh of film acting: what he does well, he executes flawlessly and with very, very few peers. He does, however, occasionally surprise: this might come as a shock, but I felt he pulled off the Robert Kincaid character from THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY perfectly--exactly as the character was in the Robert James Waller novel.

Allow me to clarify on this point a bit: I do like him very much as a director; in particular, he was very hot when he first started. PLAY MISTY FOR ME, BREEZY, and especially HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER were cut perfectly and put together beautifully. It's been in recent years in which I've gotten a tad frustrated with his directorial efforts--in particular, CHANGELING was one in which I felt myself getting restless because he'd slowed down the placing to a near standstill. That's the jazz nut inside him--sometimes it works, and sometimes it don't! ;)

There are only a few Clint films (as an actor) that I do not own, and CH is one of those films. Clint had fun directing and starring in that picture for two reasons: he grew up during the Great Depression, and he'd very well remember the lawlessness of the day. That picture probably made him feel like a young kid again. I'm sure he had a ton of fun as his good friend Burt Reynolds was the second headliner of the film--and God knows what kind of extracurricular activities ensued with those two and any of the ladies on the picture... ;) I will state this flatly: he is not a comedic actor, and that's not an insult; it's just not "him." This also applies to Lee--as much as he might've liked comedy, Lee was built for hard, serious roles; exactly like Clint, Lee executed these roles flawlessly.

I agree 100% with your assessment of this picture. If anything, HM was a very personal project for him: again, it's a story set during the Great Depression, and in interviews, Clint does reminisce over those years a good bit. More importantly, he has quite a bit in common with Red Stovall: a struggling artist who kicks around in obscurity until he's suddenly given his big break: Red Stovall with the Grand Ol' Opry, and Clint with PER UN PUGNO DI DOLLARI. It's a very low-key film, but it has a quiet intensity to it. It's probably his most underrated picture from the 80s--though one could also argue the same for 1980's BRONCO BILLY, and for similar reasons to HM.

Since we're discussing the matter, I would mention the following two pictures:
THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT, 1974 - Clint's most underrated picture as an actor. That finale in which he sees that young Lightfoot has finally succumb to the brutal beating dished out by George Kennedy's Red Leary, and then snaps the cigar in half breaks my heart. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
THE GAUNTLET, 1977 - Lots of people despise this film; personally, it's one of my favorites because he succeeds in doing a tongue-in-cheek dig at his Harry Callahan character. Hell, even Sondra Locke surprises (in a good way) as Gus Malley. And to think Babs Streisand was at one time attached to this--thank the Film Gods that didn't happen, though I suspect Clint would have quickly given her the boot. Personality clashes, to put it mildly.

"Pack your lipstick." - Ben Shockley ;)


P.S.--Frank Frazetta's painting of a musclebound, roided-out Clint from THE GAUNTLET is probably my favorite Eastwood film poster.

  • ClintDCG, Tue Feb 20 10:58am
    First off: Nice Overview/Perspective on Clint, amigo. I'm pretty sure you know, TB7, that I agree with you --- and have spouting similar words for decades, whenever I fall into conversation about... more
    • @DC: The Eastwood Approach **Spoilers** — TheBad7, Tue Feb 20 12:48pm
      • Clint, reduxDCG, Wed Feb 21 6:35am
        Not a lot to add, amigo --- you pretty much covered it! ;) But I'll try... Never read BRIDGES/MC, and only saw the film a few years after it debuted. For whatever reason, it just didn't interest me... more
        • Final Eastwood ThoughtsTheBad7, Thu Feb 22 1:34am
          Hi DC-- I only happened by THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY as it was in a stack of novels I had acquired--this was when I was a teenager, and at the time I was a voracious reader; it was there, I had... more
        • "That's you! You're The Thunderbolt!"TheBad7, Wed Feb 21 8:06am
          No need for further explanation on THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT--it's in my Top Three for Eastwood pictures. He and Jeff Bridges should've both scored Oscars for their work in that film--you could even... more
        • Not to worry!Maggie, Wed Feb 21 7:04am
          I wont stop stopping by because you go Eastwood or OT, I'm just slightly bogged down with work for a couple of days. I'm reading along every now and again, but I won't be able to write much before... ... more
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