Mike Malloy
(VIDEO) Some of my interviews with LVC co-stars
Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:59pm

Hey, all!

Rather than just let these memories languish on a hard-drive somewhere, I strung together these three anecdotes / impressions of Lee, all outtakes from my 2012 documentary, EUROCRIME!


These were the three I remembered having off the top of my head. If life ever slows down, maybe I'll dig through all my interviews, see who else had something to say about ol' Angel Eyes.

    • Stephen BoydBob O, Fri Feb 23 3:28pm
      Stephen Boyd was in my area in 1975 promoting a film in which he starred called Treasure of Jamaica Reef. He was on tour with this film much like Lee went around the USA in the summer of 1970... more
    • Thank You, M.M.TheBad7, Thu Feb 22 1:00am
      Hi Mike-- Beautiful stuff! In particular, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson's comments were very spot on about L.V.C., both as a man and as an actor. If a genuine tough guy like The Hammer is extolling... more
      • Re: Thank You, M.M.Mike Malloy, Thu Feb 22 6:43am
        Now that you mention it ... It's funny: All three memories show a different side to Lee. Williamson talked of his tough, mysterious side. Silva spoke of his easygoing generosity. And Rusoff related... more
        • Lee's many sidesDCG, Fri Feb 23 2:57am
          My own interviews support all the points made here, Mike -- for instance, there's more than one instance of LVC putting "a St. Pauli Girl six-pack" requirement in his contract (esp. for one-time, or... more
    • Re: (VIDEO) Some of my interviews with LVC co-starsaaron@thebad.net, Wed Feb 21 6:51pm
      Love it! Thanks for sharing, Mike! I'll post this to the blog as well!
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