Thank You, M.M.
Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:00am

Hi Mike--
Beautiful stuff! In particular, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson's comments were very spot on about L.V.C., both as a man and as an actor. If a genuine tough guy like The Hammer is extolling your style, then you're definitely doing something right! I did also get a kick out of Henry Silva's comment about how they'd go to Lee's house to eat whenever they were hungry. Lee sounds like he was a very well-rounded, kind person despite those steely features. Thank you for sharing this!


P.S.--Guess it's time to pop in TAKE A HARD RIDE!

  • (VIDEO) Some of my interviews with LVC co-starsMike Malloy, Wed Feb 21 5:59pm
    Hey, all! Rather than just let these memories languish on a hard-drive somewhere, I strung together these three anecdotes / impressions of Lee, all outtakes from my 2012 documentary, EUROCRIME!... more
    • Stephen BoydBob O, Fri Feb 23 3:28pm
      Stephen Boyd was in my area in 1975 promoting a film in which he starred called Treasure of Jamaica Reef. He was on tour with this film much like Lee went around the USA in the summer of 1970... more
    • Thank You, M.M. — TheBad7, Thu Feb 22 1:00am
      • Re: Thank You, M.M.Mike Malloy, Thu Feb 22 6:43am
        Now that you mention it ... It's funny: All three memories show a different side to Lee. Williamson talked of his tough, mysterious side. Silva spoke of his easygoing generosity. And Rusoff related... more
        • Lee's many sidesDCG, Fri Feb 23 2:57am
          My own interviews support all the points made here, Mike -- for instance, there's more than one instance of LVC putting "a St. Pauli Girl six-pack" requirement in his contract (esp. for one-time, or... more
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