arch stanton
Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:11pm

I have seen several dvd's that have KCC starring Lee Van Cleef as the selling point.

  • Thanks, bobO...DCG, Sun Mar 11 3:05pm
    ...TCM has pretty consistently mentioned LVC at least in passing whenever they air one of his films with an Intro (ie, PrimeTime, or most of the Weekend schedule). Also, Noir Scholar and... more
    • Public domainBob O, Sat Mar 17 4:37pm
      And the owners of the film allowed it to fall into public domain meaning anybody can put it out for sale. TCM said United Artist released it in 1952 but they didn't make it.
      • OkayBob O, Sat Mar 17 4:42pm
        I checked to refresh my memory and the movie was made by Associated Players and Producers and released by UA. I assume Associated Players and Producers allowed it to fall into public domain. Maybe... more
        • Edward SmallBob O, Sat Mar 17 4:57pm
          Associated Players and Producers was one of 10 film subsidiaries owned by prolific film producer Edward Small. Another was Imperial Pictures. He was involved with United Artists off and on for years... more
          • And then there's the lawsuit...DCG, Sun Mar 18 7:01am
            ...perpetrated by one "Tony Romano", whom a brief Associated Press article described only as "a singer". The announcement -- published in The San Mateo Times (California) on Wednesday, February 4,... more
            • Small know Tony? Bob O, Sun Mar 18 2:42pm
              If Small knew Tony Romano or admitted they used his name without permission, then Romano may have had a case. But if they made up the name....there must be hundreds of Anthony or Tony Romano's in... more
              • If I were to voyage into...DCG, Sun Mar 18 4:51pm
                ...Speculation, vs Fact (as I don't have any hard evidence that Edward Small had ever encountered the "singer" Tony Romano, prior to the litigation brought by the latter...nor have I seen a photo of... more
                • HmmmmBob 0, Thu Mar 22 9:01am
                  Yes the disclaimer is there and I can now remember seeing it in the past. I doubt the singer Tony Romano prevailed in court but don't know with certainty. Lee and Jack Elam were handed some good... more
                  • Hi BobODoc, Fri Mar 23 6:00am
                    I believe I've commented on this before but it's worth repeating. Lee, Jack Elam and Neville Brand were said to be three of the nicest off-screen personalities, bar none. So incongruous with their... more
                    • I'd really like to hear some...DCG, Fri Mar 23 12:54pm
                      ...suggestions to answer your great question, Doc, so please: anyone who can think of any, chime in! ;) But at this moment, none occur to me, either. However, I can attest -- thru... more
    • KCC — arch stanton, Thu Mar 15 3:11pm
      • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"DCG, Thu Mar 15 5:46pm
        Yep, arch, there are *numerous* DVDs (and earlier, VHS tapes) with Van Cleef boldly emblazoned upon their covers. These are usually Grey Market (quasi-"legal" near-infringements on Copyright) or... more
        • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"arch stanton, Thu Mar 15 6:32pm
          About 20 years ago at the video store there was a Captain Apache vhs cover that the owner had penned in a mustache onto LVC.I guess he thought people didn't recognize him without a mustache.... more
          • That's funny. Bob O, Sat Mar 17 4:34pm
            Indians don't have facial hair. Someone mentioned to me years ago that Native Americans don't shave. I said "Are you sure" and he said " ever seen an Indian with a beard?" I couldn't think of one.
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