LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"
Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:46pm

Yep, arch, there are *numerous* DVDs (and earlier, VHS tapes) with Van Cleef boldly emblazoned upon their covers.

These are usually Grey Market (quasi-"legal" near-infringements on Copyright) or downright Pirated editions, created by those attempting to Cash-In on what they determine is a Popular Actor at the time of manufacture.

Typically, they use Photo-Shopped images of LVC that aren't even from the film in the package!

Some of my "favorites" include the following (follow the Links, if the pic doesn't pop)...


CRIME BOSS (pic from ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK...?? Plus, this is another Mid-ID'd film in which Lee never appeared, nor was contracted to make. In this case, I've traced it back to a Platinum label VHS from 2001, later repeated on a cheap-o DVD Double-Feature of CRIME BOSS with THE SQEEZE)



...I couldn't find the image of the CB/SQ DVD from years back, but here's another re-packaging of both films into a "Gangsters 20 Movie Pack" to prove they were in fact mixed together, with both Telly Savalas & LVC's names on the cover of the set:

There are, of course, many others...but that's a quick sampling for now! ;)

Best an' all,

  • KCCarch stanton, Thu Mar 15 3:11pm
    I have seen several dvd's that have KCC starring Lee Van Cleef as the selling point.
    • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point" — DCG, Thu Mar 15 5:46pm
      • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"arch stanton, Thu Mar 15 6:32pm
        About 20 years ago at the video store there was a Captain Apache vhs cover that the owner had penned in a mustache onto LVC.I guess he thought people didn't recognize him without a mustache.... more
        • That's funny. Bob O, Sat Mar 17 4:34pm
          Indians don't have facial hair. Someone mentioned to me years ago that Native Americans don't shave. I said "Are you sure" and he said " ever seen an Indian with a beard?" I couldn't think of one.
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