arch stanton
LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"
Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:32pm

About 20 years ago at the video store there was a Captain Apache vhs cover that the owner had penned in a mustache onto LVC.I guess he thought people didn't recognize him without a mustache.


  • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point"DCG, Thu Mar 15 5:46pm
    Yep, arch, there are *numerous* DVDs (and earlier, VHS tapes) with Van Cleef boldly emblazoned upon their covers. These are usually Grey Market (quasi-"legal" near-infringements on Copyright) or... more
    • LVC on DVD covers as "selling point" — arch stanton, Thu Mar 15 6:32pm
      • That's funny. Bob O, Sat Mar 17 4:34pm
        Indians don't have facial hair. Someone mentioned to me years ago that Native Americans don't shave. I said "Are you sure" and he said " ever seen an Indian with a beard?" I couldn't think of one.
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