My Mother the Car...
Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:30pm

was one strange sitcom. But Lee showed he had comedic flair when given the opportunity. The steam room scene was /definitely/ a gift to the BadBabes.

  • Forget if this has been posted before (the GooToob member uploaded it almost exactly one year ago), but I know some of the Bad Babes have raved about it, as LVC appears in nothing but a towel, at one ... more
    • And what a change of pace role for Lee!Bob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:34am
      As best I can tell this is a role Lee did AFTER he returned from For A Few Dollars More. A real change up role sandwiched between Colonel Mortimer and Angel Eyes. After FAFDM Lee returned to LA to... more
      • Yep, LVC's "Nick Fitch" role in...DCG, Wed Apr 4 11:44am
        ...the "Burned at the Steak" episode of MY MOTHER, THE CAR stands out among Lee's performances. Possibly even unique in some ways, but his Rapid-Fire, Nearly-Breathless Delivery of lines, here, crops ... more
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