Hi BobO
Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:00am

I believe I've commented on this before but it's worth repeating. Lee, Jack Elam and Neville Brand were said to be three of the nicest off-screen personalities, bar none. So incongruous with their on-screen roles. It makes me wonder if this is just a special case of a general phenomenon. In other words, among all the douchebags in Hollywood, what percentage of them were pretty much limited to villainous roles? Can anyone name some?

I'm sure they are badly outnumbered by the heroes of the Silver Screen, the so-called "Matinee Idols".

  • HmmmmBob 0, Thu Mar 22 9:01am
    Yes the disclaimer is there and I can now remember seeing it in the past. I doubt the singer Tony Romano prevailed in court but don't know with certainty. Lee and Jack Elam were handed some good... more
    • Hi BobO — Doc, Fri Mar 23 6:00am
      • I'd really like to hear some...DCG, Fri Mar 23 12:54pm
        ...suggestions to answer your great question, Doc, so please: anyone who can think of any, chime in! ;) But at this moment, none occur to me, either. However, I can attest -- thru... more
        • I love your theory.Doc, Fri Mar 23 9:27pm
          Best one I've heard so far. Whorelywood should definitely be trademarked! Get on that right away :-)
          • Thanx, Doc...DCG, Fri Mar 23 10:36pm
   an' I have had a Mutual Admiration Society goin' for some time, now. ;) Along with bobO an' a few others, who know who they are...hell, it's most of the crew here, actually! ;P Anyway, yeah -- ... more
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