I love your theory.
Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:27pm

Best one I've heard so far.

Whorelywood should definitely be trademarked! Get on that right away :-)

  • I'd really like to hear some...DCG, Fri Mar 23 12:54pm
    ...suggestions to answer your great question, Doc, so please: anyone who can think of any, chime in! ;) But at this moment, none occur to me, either. However, I can attest -- thru... more
    • I love your theory. — Doc, Fri Mar 23 9:27pm
      • Thanx, Doc...DCG, Fri Mar 23 10:36pm an' I have had a Mutual Admiration Society goin' for some time, now. ;) Along with bobO an' a few others, who know who they are...hell, it's most of the crew here, actually! ;P Anyway, yeah -- ... more
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