Bob 0
Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:29pm

Looks like Lee in 1973s Mean Frank and Crazy Tony. About the right age and Lee dressed that way in several scenes.

Lee is 27 years old in Kansas City Confidential and had 5th billing I think. Not 1st.

  • Here's another example of Grey Market/Public Domain DVD manufacturers usin' Lee on the cover to sell copies, this time GemStone's KCC: more
    • Well — Bob 0, Sat Mar 31 6:29pm
      • Exactly, bobO! ;)DCG, Sun Apr 1 2:52pm
        The reason I pointed out the GemStone DVD of KCC was because it's among those Wrong Movie images of LVC, tryin' to cash in on his increasing popularity. I didn't mention MF+CT in my initial post as I ... more
        • Escape from death rowBob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:15am
          Is on a picked up on VHS years ago. I'm still at a loss to understand why the criminals behind the "Escape" release cut some scenes and flipped the order of a couple of scenes and incredibly changed... more
          • Damn spell checker!Bob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:24am
            My spell checker often changes my words. I have to carefully read and correct before I post. First sentence should be that Escape From Death Row is one I picked up on VHS years ago. Fooled by title... more
            • I have yet to trace...DCG, Wed Apr 4 11:43am
              ...the details behind the atrocious ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW edit, but I hope to answer that particular conundrum for the book. Absolutely, bobO: Lee's "Frankie Diomede" in MF&CT is a great later role... more
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