Bob 0
Escape from death row
Wed Apr 4, 2018 5:15am

Is on a picked up on VHS years ago. I'm still at a loss to understand why the criminals behind the "Escape" release cut some scenes and flipped the order of a couple of scenes and incredibly changed the names of the supporting cast. Richard Lane comes to mind. He sounds as if it's someone you've heard of I suppose. Apparently to hide the MF&CT cast, attempt to edit it into a different film and cash in on the success of EFNY. What a sleazy way to make a buck. Trick and cheat people.

  • Exactly, bobO! ;)DCG, Sun Apr 1 2:52pm
    The reason I pointed out the GemStone DVD of KCC was because it's among those Wrong Movie images of LVC, tryin' to cash in on his increasing popularity. I didn't mention MF+CT in my initial post as I ... more
    • Escape from death row — Bob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:15am
      • Damn spell checker!Bob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:24am
        My spell checker often changes my words. I have to carefully read and correct before I post. First sentence should be that Escape From Death Row is one I picked up on VHS years ago. Fooled by title... more
        • I have yet to trace...DCG, Wed Apr 4 11:43am
          ...the details behind the atrocious ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW edit, but I hope to answer that particular conundrum for the book. Absolutely, bobO: Lee's "Frankie Diomede" in MF&CT is a great later role... more
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