Bob 0
And what a change of pace role for Lee!
Wed Apr 4, 2018 5:34am

As best I can tell this is a role Lee did AFTER he returned from For A Few Dollars More. A real change up role sandwiched between Colonel Mortimer and Angel Eyes.

After FAFDM Lee returned to LA to resume TV episodic work, hopefully some films and remodeling houses. But after GB&U, (Thank you Henry Fonda & Charles Bronson for turning down GB&U) Alberto Grimaldi offered him Big Gundown and a leading man part. Not surprising he took it:)

  • Forget if this has been posted before (the GooToob member uploaded it almost exactly one year ago), but I know some of the Bad Babes have raved about it, as LVC appears in nothing but a towel, at one ... more
    • And what a change of pace role for Lee! — Bob 0, Wed Apr 4 5:34am
      • Yep, LVC's "Nick Fitch" role in...DCG, Wed Apr 4 11:44am
        ...the "Burned at the Steak" episode of MY MOTHER, THE CAR stands out among Lee's performances. Possibly even unique in some ways, but his Rapid-Fire, Nearly-Breathless Delivery of lines, here, crops ... more
    • My Mother the Car...Doc, Tue Mar 20 9:30pm
      was one strange sitcom. But Lee showed he had comedic flair when given the opportunity. The steam room scene was /definitely/ a gift to the BadBabes.
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