Want to help Aaron's efforts, here...?
Sun Apr 8, 2018 11:26pm

It's probably the "locked inside our own craniums" Lack Of Perspective we all experience every day, but I often forget to share with like-minded LVC fans that a simple way we can Support the wonderful work by our Host, Aaron, EVERY TIME WE LOG ON TO THE INTERNET (which earns this site Popularity Points in the eyes of the Money Guys runnin' the 'Net, and thus might help with ads/etc, thus decreasing his voluntarily paying for the upkeep of the THE BAD.NET that we all love and enjoy)...

...is to simply set our Browser to THIS SITE as our Home Page.

That means, every time we Log On to the 'Net, we give THIS SITE "brownie points" (the Counter, now gone, that many of us remember at the bottom of the Main Page, whenever we came here) in the eyes of the Money Boys that pay attention to that crap. ("That Crap" bein' the Way the World Works, whether you like it or not!)

So, if you truly love Lee Van Cleef, and appreciate your visits here to Aaron's Labor of Love creating this site for us all to gather and chat about LVC, then Set Your Home Page HERE, eh?

And I'm backin' that Support individually, by offerin' that any serious LVC fan who feels Technically Challenged to complete the above action, you can contact me directly for assistance -- I've been online since the 1970's (before there WAS an "Internet" -- it was DARPANET and then ARPANET, before personal computers: we had to go to our schools to "log on"!)....and I've helped many pals with these issues, over the years. Sometimes by Phone, so you can imagine my patience, if you've ever tried to verbally explain Physical Dimensions without being able to "see" them....don't get me started. ;)

Anyone who wants to Support Aaron by makin' TBn their Home Page, but feels "challenged" by the task, feel free to contact me directly: just Click the "yellow" highlighted "DCG" at the top of this Post, and you'll get my email address. Write to me, tell me you need help, and we'll work out the best way to solve it, eh? ;)

I'm sure Aaron will appreciate it, but I can't speak for him. Thus I, myself, as a decades-long member of this board -- *I* Thank You for supporting Araon and his longtime efforts creating TheBad.net and it's earlier incarnations.

Best an' all,

    • DittoBob 0, Wed Apr 11 7:14pm
      Great thanks to Aaron. For years I was the only LVC fan I knew. Now I'm hooked up with many. Watched Gypsy Colt on TCM. First time I saw this film was at a theater and it was a kids show. But I was... more
      • Lee fandom, GYPSY COLT and PlayhousesDCG, Sat Apr 14 7:22am
        Yeah, bobO, one can't really get beyond the fact that GYPSY COLT is tightly encased within the Children's Film format. As such, Lee's "Hank" is one of his pretty much 2-Dimensional roles. That's... more
    • Home pageCuffs, Wed Apr 11 12:50pm
      I put Lee on my home page quite awhile ago. Love to see that face every time I click on! "City Confidential" was on tv the other night. Interesting film. Lee looked great as usual, but I was thinking ... more
      • Home, home on the rang---er, "PAGE"? ;)DCG, Sat Apr 14 5:40am
        Good for you, Cuffs! Glad you made TheBad.net your Home Page -- and I agree it's nice to see "that chiseled face" first thing, every time one logs onto the 'Net. Tho I've seen it probably ten times,... more
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