Re: Caring about Lee Van Cleef
Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:42am

As someone who is very guilty of being silent on here, Iíll start!

I was drawn to LVC after first watching Fistul of Dollars on television in 1991. At the time I had zero interest in westerns. I was drawn in from the style of the movie. It was like nothing I had ever seen. Right after watching that film I discovered my father had a laserdisc of For a Few Dollars More. I watched that one and loved it even more, and that is where I discovered LVC, at the start of his Spaghetti Western career. I moved onto The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly after that.

A few weeks later, Mystery Science Theater 3000 premiered itís episode riffing Master Ninja. LVC was everywhere! Finding other movies in the early 90ís was difficult. Most I found in the bargain VHS bins. Once DVD and bluray releases came out in the next decades I found I was able to revisit the films, and appreciate them even more.

I built the first website and web board in 1997. I am pleased that this passion I started in my teens has taken me into my 40ís, and I love that almost 30 years after his death, we are still enjoying, sharing, and learning all things LVC!

Glad to have you all here. New and old. Loud and quiet. Thank you for your passion. It inspires me!


  • Caring about Lee Van CleefDCG, Wed Apr 25 12:19am
    Aaron founded this site (and one before it) because he Cared about LVC. You are reading this because -- one makes the LEAP of Consciousness, as it were -- that you, too, Care about Lee Van Cleef, the ... more
    • Accidental LVCCuffs, Tue May 1 1:31pm
      After my husband died I went through his things including his DVD collection, separate from mine--no westerns. My husband was a fan of Eastwood & Wayne. I picked out FAF$M, sat down not knowing what... more
    • Joe Dakotaarch stanton, Fri Apr 27 10:06am
      I first noticed LVC in Joe Dakota and then saw him in many tv series.We didn't have the internet then so finding out when he would appear in a movie or a tv series was difficult .But once FAFDM was... more
      • JOE DAKOTA! DCG, Fri Apr 27 11:51am
        That's gotta be a Rare LVC First Memory, arch! ;) He an' Claude (soon pals in real life) make a great team in that flik... Thx, amigo! DCG.
    • Re: Caring about Lee Van Cleef — Aaron, Thu Apr 26 2:42am
      • Met Leejwlube, Fri Apr 27 5:51am
        I met Lee Van Cleef when I was about 5 years old. His mom lived next door to my Aunt and Uncle in Somerville, New Jersey. They would do a Memorial Day picnic at their house and the annual "Tour of... more
        • Thanks, jwlube! Would you...DCG, Fri Apr 27 11:55am
          ...mind contacting me, directly? I'm doing some research on LVC, and would like to ask you some questions about Somerville, the Van Cleefs, etc. (Just slide your mouse cursor over my "DCG" above to... more
        • Oh, whow, this is a great story!Maggie, Fri Apr 27 7:57am
          I wish I could have been in your shoes. Or maybe even just sat in a small bush somewhere nearby and watched. What a fond memory! :)
      • caring Tim Smith , Fri Apr 27 5:04am
        The Big Gundown and FAFDM.
        • BG is another great...DCG, Fri Apr 27 11:57am
          ..."starter" film for an LVC fan, as you must know, Tim! ;) It's one of my favorites, and arguably one of Lee's best works, by almost any standard. Best, DCG.
      • That's great, Aaron...DCG, Thu Apr 26 1:19pm
        ...and Thanx for gettin' things goin' (which, as you probably guessed, is what I was tryin' to do with my prior post, LOL)...! I suspect, if we took a Survey, we'd find that the vast majority of... more
      • Leone did it for me, too!Maggie, Thu Apr 26 10:56am
        But I started by watching GBU. In fact friends of mine invited me to watch the movie. They were the most avid Eastwood fans and fully expected me to chime in with them, but alas... didn't work that... more
        • Yeah, wish I could've been...DCG, Thu Apr 26 1:27pm
          ...in Europe back then, Maggs -- the Spaghetti's seem to have lots more TV airplay and video/cinema-re-release availability, than here in the States. I've been lucky to see GBU twice on the Big... more
          • Escape from New YorkMaggie, Thu Apr 26 2:46pm
            Funny you mention that... the selfsame friends invited me to watch that movie with them, too, this time with all their attention focussed on sssssssnake Blissssskinnn and with me watching the other... more
            • Yeah, you can't do much...DCG, Thu Apr 26 2:58pm
              ...bout "LVC blindness", Maggie -- altho, I myself have found that fairly rare, whenever I've brought up LVC with strangers or new acquaintances: they usally perk right up, when I mention, "He was... more
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