Yeah, wish I could've been...
Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:27pm

...in Europe back then, Maggs -- the Spaghetti's seem to have lots more TV airplay and video/cinema-re-release availability, than here in the States.

I've been lucky to see GBU twice on the Big Screen, during Art House revivals (both times, the Restored version, of course)....but not FF$M.

Recently missed a chance to see ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK again, during a Cult Classics Double Feature. Only saw it the one time in the theatre, back during it's initial run.

SO glad so much of LVC's performances are now available -- esp. in their Original Aspect Ratios, both on disc and online.

Still lookin' for that "Day 10" episode of Richard Boone's THE MEDIC, among others, tho! (Kinda frustrating, as there are quite a few episodes of the show out there...just not *this* one!)

Ah, well -- we'll keep a-huntin', eh? ;)


  • Leone did it for me, too!Maggie, Thu Apr 26 10:56am
    But I started by watching GBU. In fact friends of mine invited me to watch the movie. They were the most avid Eastwood fans and fully expected me to chime in with them, but alas... didn't work that... more
    • Yeah, wish I could've been... — DCG, Thu Apr 26 1:27pm
      • Escape from New YorkMaggie, Thu Apr 26 2:46pm
        Funny you mention that... the selfsame friends invited me to watch that movie with them, too, this time with all their attention focussed on sssssssnake Blissssskinnn and with me watching the other... more
        • Yeah, you can't do much...DCG, Thu Apr 26 2:58pm
          ...bout "LVC blindness", Maggie -- altho, I myself have found that fairly rare, whenever I've brought up LVC with strangers or new acquaintances: they usally perk right up, when I mention, "He was... more
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