LVC in RIPCORD ep "Money Mine" on GooToob
Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:43pm

Don't think anyone else has mentioned this on TBn, even tho it's apparently been up on GooToob for nearly a year. (Heck, I guess I hadn't done a Search for it there in at least that long, or I'd've found it.)


WARNING: it's got massive Subtitles thru-out. Some will certainly find them annoying...

Also, it's got an added 45-second "opening" (maybe to confuse Rights Holders, and/or allow the Poster to escape prosecution, etc), as well as odd jump-cuts here an' there...the latter I'm unsure as to these being the original Director's edits, some TV station along the way cutting it down, or the Poster messin' with the RunTime. Would have to see the original to figure that out...

AND a 6m commercial from 14-20m, for Elvis fans. ;P

Some of you may know that one of the two leads on RIPCORD, Ken Curtis (perhaps best known as "Festus" on GUNSMOKE), can sing. In fact, before he got into acting, that was his bread-n-butter...esp with the famous harmonies of the Sons of the Pioneers.

Curtis sings "Red River Valley" in this episode, and it's incongruously inserted as mere padding, contributing nothing to the plot. A shame, as Ken is a talented singer.

I should also note that the Poster plugs in another Ken Curtis song at the end, just before the Credits roll: it's an excerpt from the John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara vehicle, RIO GRANDE.

As for "The Money Mine" itself, well...it's nothing special, I'm afraid.

This is the first episode of RIPCORD that I've ever seen, so perhaps it's not a good example of the series, but I found it to be nothing special: the "climax" of the plot is what would be, in Real Life, a fairly improbable (maybe even near-impossible) Stunt. Just one more weak link in the chain of this typically weak and hackneyed storyline.

Given the paucity of the plot, I'm not even going to discuss it. Even a one-sentence summary with no Spoilers seems like it would "spoil" what little there is of the dang thing...! So, I'll let the tissue-thin "plot" remain as a "surprise" of sorts, for the prospective Viewer.

(The episode's Title telegraphs enough of it, anyway...)

RIPCORD staggered thru 2 seasons somehow, but apparently has so few fans out there, that there isn't even a proper Episode Guide, never mind an actual Fan Site or something online.

I'd put off buying the Filmrise release of RIPCORD, and probably won't pick it up any time soon -- even at the reduced rate of less than $20 for the entire series (Lee was in one episode each of the two seasons, so you can't get away with buying just one season), I find that rate rather steep -- tho in the past, I did pay $15 for a whole series, with LVC guesting in merely a single episode...but that was 44 total ep's of BLACK SADDLE, starring Peter Breck and Russell Johnson in the dual Leads, with plenty of interesting Guest Stars packed in, too.

With RIPCORD, I have my doubts...guess I could scan thru the GS appearances, and maybe that would get me to add it to the Buy List someday.

Meanwhile, at least I got to see a "version" of this LVC performance.

Better'n naught, I guess! ;)


    • Enjoyed watching LeeBob O, Sun Apr 29 3:49pm
      He put unique inflection on his lines several times. Not the way I would have inflected the words in the sentence but Lee made it work and I said...hey that is not how most would have delivered that... more
      • Nicely put, bobO! (as usual, LOL)DCG, Mon Apr 30 6:58pm
        I guess I'm so used to Lee's 2 main Styles of Vocal Performance (discussed previously), that I sometimes miss a Tree or two, among the Forest. ;) Thanks for pointing that out, amigo --- I'll look FW... more
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