Bob O
Enjoyed watching Lee
Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:49pm

He put unique inflection on his lines several times. Not the way I would have inflected the words in the sentence but Lee made it work and I said...hey that is not how most would have delivered that line but it's actually better. Very cleaver.

Lee was in two episodes of this. It ended just in time for Ken to replace Dennis Weaver on Gunsmoke in 1964.

  • Don't think anyone else has mentioned this on TBn, even tho it's apparently been up on GooToob for nearly a year. (Heck, I guess I hadn't done a Search for it there in at least that long, or I'd've... more
    • Enjoyed watching Lee — Bob O, Sun Apr 29 3:49pm
      • Nicely put, bobO! (as usual, LOL)DCG, Mon Apr 30 6:58pm
        I guess I'm so used to Lee's 2 main Styles of Vocal Performance (discussed previously), that I sometimes miss a Tree or two, among the Forest. ;) Thanks for pointing that out, amigo --- I'll look FW... more
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