Bob O
Sun May 20, 2018 5:05am

In the 1974 pictures Lee was probably in Almeria, Spain for Stranger and the Gunfighter.

In the 1967 pic Lee was definitely in good shape. His son Alan said he liked to swim to stay in shape. And at the time Lee had an apartment in Rome and appeared on an Italian TV show speaking a line in Italian.

  • Not lost, but foundMaggie, Tue May 15 6:39am
    I just stumbled across a couple of pics I don't think I have seen before, and I wanted to share and enjoy with you! more
    • Sharing the swoonCuffs, Tue May 29 4:26pm
      Thank you for these pics. Ye gods, what a gorgeous man! Now I need a drink!
      • Nothin' like a li'l...DCG, Wed May 30 2:15am
        ...LVC BeefCake to bring out the Bad Babes! ;) Of course, the "New Bad Babes"/"Bad Babes v.2.0"/"BB's: the Next Generation"/wotevah-floats-yer-boat, seem so much more "polite" than the first wave of... more
    • Not lost, but foundATL Kathy, Sat May 19 10:01am
      Thanks for sharing, Maggie. Just . . . . .Lovely.
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