Clint Walker, 1927-2018
Thu May 24, 2018 1:33pm

The world lost one of the truly Great Ones on May 21st...

Clint Walker shared the screen with Lee Van Cleef on Clint's ground-breaking CHEYENNE show three different times:

"Trouble Street" (s6e2) 2.oct.61
"A Man Called Ragan" (s6e14) 23.apr.62
- and -
"Man Alone" (s7e4) 15.oct.62

Both "Trouble Street" and "Man Alone" were directed by Robert Sparr -- who was killed, along with the pilot, in a plane crash while scouting locations for BARQUERO. (Also in the craft was Sparr's STAR TREK co-veteran, cinematographer Gerald Finnerman, who survived.)

Versions of CW's obit can be found here:

RIP, amigo --- enjoyed our long chats! ;)

PostScript: For anyone interested, here's a link to Clint's 1969 feature vehicle, MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE, directed by Sparr -- as a bonus, the Schenck family also contributed (father Aubrey produced, and son George wrote the script). Both have deep connections to LVC's and CW's careers. Vincent Price is also in the MDTA cast.
...and for an excellent, 3-hour biographical interview with the late, great Clint Walker, go here:

    • Did Walker know Lee well?Bob 0, Sat May 26 1:54pm
      The show alternated with Sugarfoot and Bronco if I remember correctly.
      • Alas, Clint...DCG, Sat May 26 7:02pm
        ...didn't have a lot to say about Lee. But he provided some nice "color", as they say, for Deep Background on making CHEYENNE. Best, DCG.
        • Walker -Van CleefBob 0, Sun May 27 6:28am
          Lee was on the show enough times for Clint to know him but he may never got to know him like Jock Mahoney or Henry Silva or Beverly Garland did. And its understandable if that is indeed the case.... more
          • That's absolutely right, bobO...DCG, Sun May 27 9:13am
            ...not only does it logically follow that a Lead, on a long-running TV series cranked out on a pretty intense schedule, would not necessarily "connect" with every (or even very many) of the Guest... more
            • Jim Brownarch stanton, Sun May 27 7:41pm
              DCG you ever talk to Jim Brown about working with LVC?
              • I tried, arch...DCG, Mon May 28 1:04pm
                ...but kept hitting walls. I asked Fred Williamson if he's still in touch with Brown, but he didn't reply. Finding a mutual Connection who's willing to help seems to be the only way in... Best, DCG.
                • in the mid 80s and ask him about Jim Brown and Lee. And I told him I enjoyed Take A Hard Ride. He said Take A Hard Ride did well at the box office in the US and in Europe and had a good cast... more
              • Jim BrownBob O, Mon May 28 7:50am
                Yeah Arch good question. I remember Lee complimenting Jim Brown in an interview. He said he and Jim really hit it off and are like brothers. And that Jim never tried to steal a scene.
                • Scene stealingCuffs, Tue May 29 4:50pm
                  Thank you for all the great information. I will always contend that Lee stole the entire film FAF$M from Clint Eastwood & I think Clint knew it, too. I had read where Eastwood wasn't all that... more
                  • All good points, Cuffs, and...DCG, Wed May 30 2:48am
                    ...if I were feeling more industrious, I'd hunt up an exact quote from Clint that expresses your point. The words I'm thinking of basically make the "I tho't *I* was the Star?!?!" complaint by... more
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