Nothin' like a li'l...
Wed May 30, 2018 2:15am

...LVC BeefCake to bring out the Bad Babes! ;)

Of course, the "New Bad Babes"/"Bad Babes v.2.0"/"BB's: the Next Generation"/wotevah-floats-yer-boat, seem so much more "polite" than the first wave of BB's -- some of those gals got pretty "graphic" in their erotic descriptions of what they'd like to do with LVC's body. Not that I'm complaining...I'm no Prude. My only point, back then, was that this *is* a Public forum, and we had at least 3 members of Lee's family at least occasionally lookin' in on our li'l gang. All I meant was, speaking to the BB's at that time, How Would You Feel If the Shoe Was on the Other Foot? How would you feel if some women spoke in that graphic and sexual manner about your Dad/Grandad/Uncle/etc...??

To each her own -- and as long as someone is comfortable speaking their mind about such matters in an open forum, then more power to 'er, eh? ;)


  • Sharing the swoonCuffs, Tue May 29 4:26pm
    Thank you for these pics. Ye gods, what a gorgeous man! Now I need a drink!
    • Nothin' like a li'l... — DCG, Wed May 30 2:15am
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