Re: LVC’s favorite color...?
Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:09am

Sorry guys, but I don't remember. Wish I could help.

  • LVC’s favorite color...?Ioana, Fri May 11 4:14am
    My boyfriend surprised me with a question that now grinds me and I will not give up until I find out its answer. (Yup, he likes our Lee too). So, I thought about you. Does anyone know what's Lee's... more
    • Re: LVC’s favorite color...? — AVC, Fri Jun 22 9:09am
      • No problem, AVCIoana, Fri Jun 22 3:22pm
        Glad that you replied to my message. This means a lot to me. How DCG said, I hope all the best for you and your family. Of course same to my friends here. Miss you so much💕 I will be back,... more
      • Thanks anyway, Alan, and great...DCG, Fri Jun 22 10:58am
        ...to see you pop in here on your dad's forum! ;) Best to you and the family, DCG.
    • Alan Van CleefBob 0, Sat May 12 4:29am
      If DCG hasn't any clue it would be a question for Lee's son.
      • I'ts a topic that...DCG, Sat May 12 11:11am
        ...I don't believe has cropped up in my conversations with family and friends, Ioana & bobO. So, yeah -- maybe AVC will chime in, if he's out there readin' along. ;) Best, DCG.
        • Well...Ioana, Mon May 14 11:33am
          Anyway, thanks a lot, guys! I appreciate that you gave me some answers even if I have not entered this blog for a long time. Hope you have a great week, mine is full of exams. All the best! 💕
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