ATL Kathy
Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:42pm

Yes, Ioana… and I agree. The opening scenes with the credits, does look like a painting to me too. Don't know the producer/directors intent. Maybe one of our bad men can answer the question. And yes, LVC is gorgeous, as usual!
Good to hear from you too! Hugs!

  • I have the same questionIoana, Wed Jun 27 5:32am
    Hello and glad to see you here again, ATL Kathy!❤️ Barquero is a great movie, and of course our LVC is gorgeous there. You know what? I thought there is a painting too! And then the... more
    • Barquero — ATL Kathy, Wed Jun 27 12:42pm
      • BARQUERO's title sequence (a suggestion)DCG, Wed Jun 27 8:49pm
        Hey, (ATL) Kathy & Ioana, an' all -------------------------- Having studied Spaghetti Westerns (not just LVC's role within the genre) for over 2 decades, and viewed at least 300 of the 6-700 made... more
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